250 Essential Film Noir Films from Theyshootpictures.com

created by ernie

The Accused1949 Ace in the HoleAce in the Hole1951 44.5 Act of ViolenceAct of Violence1948 22.0 Among the Living1941 Angels with Dirty FacesAngels with Dirty Faces1938 44.0 Armored Car Robbery1950 11.0 The Asphalt JungleThe Asphalt Jungle1950 43.3 Behind Locked Doors1948 Berlin Express1948 Beware, My Lovely1952 Beyond a Reasonable DoubtBeyond a Reasonable Doubt1956 22.0 Beyond the ForestBeyond the Forest1949 14.0 The Big ClockThe Big Clock1948 35.0 The Big Combo1955 15.0 The Big HeatThe Big Heat1953 41.8 The Big Knife1955 The Big SleepThe Big Sleep1946 84.1 Black Angel1946 23.0 Black Tuesday1954 The Blue DahliaThe Blue Dahlia1946 32.7 The Blue GardeniaThe Blue Gardenia1953 22.0 Body And Soul1947 23.0 BoomerangBoomerang1947 Border IncidentBorder Incident1949 32.0 Born to KillBorn to Kill1947 25.0 The Brasher Doubloon1947 The Breaking Point1950 Brute Force1947 22.0 The Burglar1957 Call Northside 777Call Northside 7771948 23.0 Cape FearCape Fear1962 73.0 The Captive CityThe Captive City1952 Caught1949 Cause for Alarm!1951 Champion1949 The ChaseThe Chase1966 Christmas Holiday1944 11.0 City That Never Sleeps1953 Clash by Night1952 Conflict1945 Cornered1945 Crack-Up1946 Crime of Passion1957 Crime Wave1954 The Crimson Kimono1959 Criss CrossCriss Cross1949 25.0 Crossfire1947 Cry Danger1951 Cry of the City1948 DOA: Dead or AliveDOA: Dead or Alive2006 The Damned Don't CryThe Damned Don't Cry1950 Danger Signal1945 Dark CityDark City1950 42.8 The Dark Corner1946 The Dark Mirror1946 15.0 Dark PassageDark Passage1947 33.3 The Dark Past1948 Dark Waters1944 Dead Reckoning1947 25.0 Deadline At Dawn1946 DesperateDesperate1947 The Desperate Hours1955 Destination Murder1950 Detective StoryDetective Story1951 34.0 DetourDetour1945 14.0 Double IndemnityDouble Indemnity1944 183.5 Drive a Crooked RoadDrive a Crooked Road1954 Edge of DoomEdge of Doom1950 The Enforcer1976 31.7 Fallen Angel1945 Fear in the Night1947 The File On Thelma Jordon1950 Follow Me QuietlyFollow Me Quietly1949 22.0 Force Of EvilForce Of Evil1948 Framed1947 GildaGilda1946 23.0 The Glass Key1942 Guilty Bystander1950 Gun CrazyGun Crazy1950 24.0 Hangover SquareHangover Square1945 He Ran All the WayHe Ran All the Way1951 He Walked By Night1949 23.0 High SierraHigh Sierra1941 43.0 All or Nothing2007 His Kind Of Woman1951 The Hitch-Hiker1953 14.0 Hollow Triumph1949 House by the River1950 House Of Strangers1949 The House On 92Nd StreetThe House On 92Nd Street1945 Human Desire1954 The Woman on Pier 13The Woman on Pier 131949 I Wake Up Screaming1941 22.0 I Walk Alone1948 I Was A Communist For The FBII Was A Communist For The FBI1951 I, the Jury1953 Impact1949 22.0 In a Lonely PlaceIn a Lonely Place1950 43.0 Johnny Angel1946 Johnny O'ClockJohnny O'Clock1947 Journey Into Fear1943 Kansas City ConfidentialKansas City Confidential1952 22.0 Key Largo1948 25.0 The Killer That Stalked New1950 Killer's KissKiller's Kiss1955 The Ladykillers1955 62.7 The KillingThe Killing1956 24.0 Kiss Me DeadlyKiss Me Deadly1955 42.2 Kiss of Death1947 23.0 Kiss The Blood Off My HandsKiss The Blood Off My Hands1948 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye1950 The Lady from ShanghaiThe Lady from Shanghai1947 33.3 Lady in the LakeLady in the Lake1947 22.0 A Lady Without PassportA Lady Without Passport1950 22.0 Laura1944 34.0 Leave Her to HeavenLeave Her to Heaven1945 The Letter1940 25.0 The LineupThe Lineup1958 33.0 Loan Shark1952 The LocketThe Locket1946 22.0 The Lodger2009 32.7 The Long Night1947 13.0 The Lost WeekendThe Lost Weekend1945 53.8 MM1931 64.2 Macao1952 The Maltese FalconThe Maltese Falcon1941 243.9 The Man Who Cheated HimselfThe Man Who Cheated Himself1950 23.5 The Mask Of DimitriosThe Mask Of Dimitrios1944 22.0 Mildred PierceMildred Pierce1945 23.0 Ministry of FearMinistry of Fear1944 The Mob1936 Moonrise1948 Mr. ArkadinMr. Arkadin1955 Murder by ContractMurder by Contract1958 Murder, My SweetMurder, My Sweet1944 My Name Is Julia RossMy Name Is Julia Ross1945 Mystery Street1950 15.0 The Naked City1948 The Naked Kiss1964 The Narrow MarginThe Narrow Margin1952 25.0 Niagara1953 22.0 Night And The City1950 23.0 Night Has A Thousand EyesNight Has A Thousand Eyes1948 11.0 The Night of the HunterThe Night of the Hunter1955 24.0 Nightfall1957 Nightmare1964 Nightmare AlleyNightmare Alley1947 22.0 99 River Street99 River Street1953 11.0 Nobody Lives Forever1946 Nocturne1946 Nora PrentissNora Prentiss1947 NotoriousNotorious1946 73.0 Odds Against TomorrowOdds Against Tomorrow1959 On Dangerous GroundOn Dangerous Ground1952 22.0 Out of the PastOut of the Past1947 34.3 Panic in the StreetsPanic in the Streets1950 Party GirlParty Girl1958 15.0 Phantom LadyPhantom Lady1944 15.0 The Phenix City StoryThe Phenix City Story1955 11.0 Pickup on South StreetPickup on South Street1953 25.0 The Pitfall1962 Plunder Road1957 Possessed1947 The Postman Always Rings TwiceThe Postman Always Rings Twice1981 24.0 Private Hell 36Private Hell 361954 The Prowler1981 Pushover1954 The Racket1928 22.0 Railroaded!1947 Raw Deal1986 The Reckless Moment1949 The Red House1947 Somewhere I'll Find You1942 Ride the Pink Horse1947 Road HouseRoad House1989 72.9 Roadblock1951 Rogue Cop1955 Ruthless1948 Scandal Sheet1952 Scarlet StreetScarlet Street1945 The Second Woman1950 Tango & CashTango & Cash1989 42.5 711 Ocean Drive711 Ocean Drive1950 Shadow of a DoubtShadow of a Doubt1943 22.0 The Shanghai Gesture1941 Beyond the Door II1977 Side Street1950 The Sleeping City1950 Slightly Scarlet1956 The Sniper1952 So Dark the Night1946 Somewhere in the NightSomewhere in the Night1946 25.0 Sorry, Wrong NumberSorry, Wrong Number1948 32.8 Southside 1-1000Southside 1-10001950 SpellboundSpellbound1945 21.0 The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry1945 Strange Illusion1945 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers1946 The Stranger1946 Stranger on the Third Floor1940 Strangers on a TrainStrangers on a Train1951 24.0 Street of Chance1930 The Street with No Name1948 24.0 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (TV)Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip2006 Sudden Fear1952 25.0 Suddenly1954 24.0 Sunset BoulevardSunset Boulevard1950 53.4 The Suspect1944 Beyond the Door II1977 Suspicion1941 22.0 Sweet Smell of SuccessSweet Smell of Success1957 25.0 Talk About a StrangerTalk About a Stranger1952 The Tattooed Stranger1950 11.0 Tension1949 They Live by NightThey Live by Night1949 32.7 They Won't Believe MeThey Won't Believe Me1947 22.0 The Thief1952 13.0 Thieves' Highway1949 23.0 The Third ManThe Third Man1949 73.6 This Gun For HireThis Gun For Hire1942 24.0 12 Angry Men12 Angry Men1957 213.8 Too Late for Tears1949 Touch of EvilTouch of Evil1958 103.7 The Sound of Fury1950 The Turning PointThe Turning Point1977 23.0 The Undercover Man1949 Undercurrent1946 Underworld U.S.A.Underworld U.S.A.1961 23.0 Union Station1951 The Unknown ManThe Unknown Man1951 The Unsuspected1947 Vicki1953 24.0 Throne of BloodThrone of Blood1957 33.0 When Strangers Marry1944 Where Danger Lives1950 Where The Sidewalk Ends1950 23.0 While the City Sleeps1956 Whirlpool1949 White HeatWhite Heat1952 43.8 The Window1949 Witness to Murder1954 The Woman In The Window1944 13.0 The Woman on the BeachThe Woman on the Beach1947 15.0 Woman on the RunWoman on the Run1950 World for Ransom1954 Lucky Number Slevin2006 32.0
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