Military Aviation Movies

created by ernie

Space: Above and BeyondSpace: Above and Beyond1995 L'as des as1982 Aces High1976 Aces: Iron Eagle IIIAces: Iron Eagle III1992 Aerial Gunner1943 Afterburn1992 Air AmericaAir America1990 42.0 Always1989 33.3 Air Cadet1951 Air Force1943 Air Strike2002 Angels One Five1952 Apocalypse NowApocalypse Now1979 334.2 Raiders in the SkyRaiders in the Sky1953 Arise, My Love1940 Aurora: Operation Intercept1995 11.0 Bat*21Bat*211988 13.0 Battle Hymn1957 Battle of BritainBattle of Britain1969 31.7 Dogsulijeonseon1976 Battle Stations1944 Battle Taxi1955 The Beginning or the End1947 Returning Home1975 Biggles: Adventures in TimeBiggles: Adventures in Time1986 The Big Lift1950 The Blue Max1966 22.0 Body And Soul1947 23.0 Bombardier1943 Bombers B-52Bombers B-521957 Bombers Moon1943 Born to Love1931 15.0 Breaking the Sound Barrier1952 A Bridge Too FarA Bridge Too Far1977 42.8 The Bridges at Toko-RiThe Bridges at Toko-Ri1954 13.0 By Dawn's Early LightBy Dawn's Early Light1990 Call to Glory1984 Canal Zone1977 Captain Eddie1945 Captain Newman, M.D.1963 Captains Of The Clouds1942 Split Image1982 Catch-22Catch-221970 53.2 Chain Lightning1950 China Doll1958 China's Little Devils1945 15.0 Clipped Wings1953 Clipped Wings1953 Coast Guard1995 Command Decision1948 12.0 The Courage and the Passion1978 Crimson RomanceCrimson Romance1934 22.0 The Crowded Sky1960 14.0 The Dam BustersThe Dam Busters1955 33.0 Suicide Squadron1941 Darling LiliDarling Lili1970 D.A.R.Y.L.D.A.R.Y.L.1985 32.3 Dawn Patrol2003 Desperate JourneyDesperate Journey1942 Destination 60,0001957 11.0 Flying LeathernecksFlying Leathernecks1951 22.0 The Devil's General1955 Dirigible1931 Dive Bomber1941 Dragonfly Squadron1954 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombDr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1964 194.3 Eagle Squadron1942 15.0 Empire of the SunEmpire of the Sun1987 153.1 The Eternal Sea1955 Fail SafeFail Safe2000 23.0 Fate Is the Hunter1964 Fighter Attack1953 Fighter Squadron1948 The Fighting Lady1944 Final Approach1991 Spy Game2001 23.0 Firebirds Over America2009 FirefoxFirefox1982 52.0 Flat Top1952 Flight of Fancy2000 Flight CommandFlight Command1940 The Dawn PatrolThe Dawn Patrol1930 Flight from AshiyaFlight from Ashiya1964 22.0 Flight Into Darkness1935 Flight Lieutenant1942 Flight Nurse1953 Flight of the IntruderFlight of the Intruder1991 Flight of the Phoenix2004 Flying Cadets1941 The Flying FleetThe Flying Fleet1929 Flying Fortress1942 Flying LeathernecksFlying Leathernecks1951 22.0 Flying Tigers1942 22.0 Forced Landing1935 For the Moment1993 A Gathering of Eagles1963 Goal in the Clouds1939 Manuel Ocampo: God Is My Copilot1999 The Great Santini1979 A Guy Named Joe1943 13.0 Hanover Street1979 Hells Angels1930 Hell Divers1931 Hell's Horizon1955 Hers to Hold1943 High Barbaree1947 15.0 High Flight1957 Hot Shots1923 Hot Shots! Part DeuxHot Shots! Part Deux1993 92.6 Jägarna1996 Hurricane1997 The Wraith1986 14.0 International Squadron1941 Dandelion2004 Iron Eagle1986 Iron Eagle IIIron Eagle II1988 Aces: Iron Eagle IIIAces: Iron Eagle III1992 Island in the Sky1953 George Takes the Air1938 I Wanted WingsI Wanted Wings1941 Jet Attack1958 Jet Job1952 Jet Pilot1957 22.0 Journey Together1945 Jungle Patrol1948 Keep 'Em Flying1941 Ladies Courageous1944 11.0 The Lady Takes a Flyer1958 The Last Flight of Noah's ArkThe Last Flight of Noah's Ark1980 Legion Condor1939 Lilac Time1928 The Lion Has Wings1939 Malta Story1953 The Marines Fly HighThe Marines Fly High1940 The McConnell Story1955 McHale's Navy Joins the Air ForceMcHale's Navy Joins the Air Force1965 The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress1944 The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress1944 Men of the Fighting Lady1954 Men with Wings1938 Midway1976 23.0 Mission Batangas1968 Mission Over Korea1953 Mosquito Squadron1969 Murphy's WarMurphy's War1971 24.0 Navy Born1936 Never So Few1959 194119411979 32.0 No Time for SergeantsNo Time for Sergeants1958 22.0 Not with My Wife, You Don't!1966 On an Island with You1948 One of Our Aircraft Is MissingOne of Our Aircraft Is Missing1942 12.0 On the Threshold of Space1956 Operation Haylift1950 A Perfect Hero1991 Piece of Cake1988 25.0 Pour le Mérite1938 Power Dive1941 A Prize of Gold1955 Project XProject X1987 52.6 Air Rage2001 The Purple Plain1954 The Purple V1943 Planes, Trains and AutomobilesPlanes, Trains and Automobiles1987 133.2 Reach for the Sky1956 Red Flag: The Ultimate Game1981 The Right StuffThe Right Stuff1983 63.5 Sabre Jet1953 Sayonara1957 The Sea Shall Not Have ThemThe Sea Shall Not Have Them1954 Ships with Wings1941 633 Squadron1964 Sky Commando1953 Sky Devils1932 Sky Pirates1986 The Sky Raider1925 The Sky Raiders1931 The Sky's the Limit1943 Slattery's Hurricane1949 Sole Survivor2000 Soldier of Orange1977 11.0 Son of Lassie1945 Spitfire1942 Squadron Leader X1943 Squadron of Doom1937 Squadron 9921939 Stairway to Heaven1946 The Last StarfighterThe Last Starfighter1984 53.4 Starlift1951 Steal the Sky1988 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle1939 A Stranger in My ArmsA Stranger in My Arms1959 Strategic Air Command1955 Stukas1941 Suzy1936 Swing Shift Maisie1943 Target for Tonight1941 Yit huet jui keung1997 Test Pilot1938 Thirty Seconds Over TokyoThirty Seconds Over Tokyo1944 22.0 This Man's Navy1945 The Thousand Plane Raid1969 Thunderbirds1965 Thunderbirds1965 Thundering Jets1958 Top GunTop Gun1986 303.0 Tora! Tora! Tora!Tora! Tora! Tora!1970 33.0 Toward the UnknownToward the Unknown1956 Twelve O'Clock HighTwelve O'Clock High1949 33.3 20,000 Men a Year20,000 Men a Year1939 Twilight's Last Gleaming1977 Von Richthofen and BrownVon Richthofen and Brown1971 Wake Island1942 The War Lover1962 The Flight Before Christmas2008 West Point of the Air1935 We've Never Been Licked1943 Wild Blue YonderWild Blue Yonder2007 12.0 Wild in the Sky1972 A Wing and a Prayer1998 Shining Victory1941 Wings1990 Wings for the Eagle1942 Wings of Fire1967 Wings of the Navy1939 Wings of Victory1941 Wings Over Honolulu1937 Wings Over the Pacific1943 Koncert zyczen1967 X-151961 A Yank in London1945 A Yank in the R.A.F.A Yank in the R.A.F.1941 You Came Along1945 Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy1977 Zeppelin1971 Zero Pilot1976